Creekside Barn Company

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Cut Once USE twice!


Finished Product

Our Mission

Creekside Barn Company is a great partner for anyone looking for re-claimed lumber and minimizing their environmental footprint. We sell the re-claimed lumber to various vendors throughout the United States. Barn recycling is an easy way for you to get rid of your deteriorating barn without having to take the time yourself. Our goal is to use the old antique lumber from the sides of the barn and support beams to re-sell for those who would like an antique look for their house. All of the metals from the barns, such as the roof and nails are recycled for further use in the furniture and also sold.


We have a full functioning sawmill in which we produce resawn boarding with circle saw markings to make freshly cut lumber look aged.


Prices of tearing down a barn depend on the size of the barn, and accessibility of its location.

The prices of the product being sold vary with the type of wood you are requesting, and also the quality of the lumber harvested. Please call for any questions on pricing.

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Creekside Barn Company

5676 County Highway 330

Upper Sandusky, OH 43351